Sunday, March 29, 2009

fibers by fisher

Brought kicking and screaming into this brave new world of electronic gidgets and gadgets, fibers by fisher is here!

Dear quilt friends have tried to get me to do this for some time now..... I have successfully overcome the urge.... But today, in my search of a better way to machine felt flowers on a felted Goodwill sweater, I found I must have a blog to post a question! So Nancy and Beth, thanks go to you, my Sundae Quilter Sisters, for arming me with the necessary knowledge to expand my world! AGAIN!!!

I'll learn about this new world as I me as I move from infancy to the toddler world and beyond! (You'll LOVE my teen years, of that I'm sure! LOL)

Signing off until I have something profound to say :):),